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Your Water Heater Is Likely in the Attic – Here’s Why

Dec 3, 2021 | Water Heater Installation

It may seem like an unusual question to ask, but I’ve encountered many people who don’t know the answer to this: is the water heater installed in the attic or not? 

In many homes, the water heater is installed in the attic during the construction of the building, as many people prefer it there. This sounds like a silly answer, but it is true. In other words, your water heater could be found in your attic if it was put there by your house’s builder.

There are different reasons why most builders do this. If you have ever wondered why your water heater is located in your attic, keep reading this article as your trusted installers of hot water heater in Houston gives you the answers:

To Use the Empty Space

The attic is often underutilized, and it’s because it’s filled with unused items. This space could be used for installing your water heater. It’s a great solution because the place where the water heater was installed can be emptied and reused for something else, and you don’t have to worry about finding a place to install the water heater in your home.

To Improve Heat Flow

Another advantage of installing the water heater in your attic is that it improves the heat flow in your home. This is because it’s difficult to have the heat flow from the ground floor to the upper floor.

For this reason, when you do not have a water heater in the attic, you have to have it in a room with an open floor plan. The water heater may be located on the ground floor, close to the interior walls. This prevents the heat from flowing easily between rooms.

However, if your water heater is located in your attic, the heat can easily pass through the ceiling and heat the upper floor of your home.

To Avoid Leaks

Another reason why the water heater should be in your attic is that it prevents leaks. When your water heater is installed in the basement, it will be prone to leaks due to the wet environment.

If you want to prevent leaks in your water heater, you should install it in the attic. You will also increase the lifespan of your water heater since it won’t be exposed to the wet basement environment.

To Prevent Theft

Another reason the water heater is placed in the attic is to prevent theft. Many burglars are after water heaters since a home without a water heater is not habitable.

Because of this, to prevent the water heater from being stolen, it’s a good idea to install it in your attic. People don’t usually go in the attic, so it will be difficult for someone to steal it.

To Hide It From Your Sight

The final reason builders install water heaters in the attic is that they want to make the house look better. After all, no one wants to have a water heater in their living room.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to hide it from your sight by installing it in the attic.


If your home has a water heater installed in the attic, it does not mean that you are using an old heater. As we discussed in this article, there are many reasons why builders install water heaters in the attic.

This location is convenient for many reasons, so installing your water heater in the attic will be a great idea. The way your water heater is installed depends on the builder of your house. That’s why you should always ask this question if you’re looking for a new hot water heater in Houston for your home.

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