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Tankless Water Heaters, Why They Should Be On Your Wishlist in Houston Tx

Dec 17, 2021 | Tankless Water Heaters

When thinking of energy- and cost-efficient plumbing, the idea of tankless water heaters is slowly gaining popularity in the US. According to research by Businesswire, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for this market is projected to be seven percent from 2020 to 2026! And that’s just In North America. With rising costs and tightened household budgeting, tankless water heaters may just be the future of home plumbing.

Here’s the lowdown on what they are and why they should be on your wishlist.

What They Are

Tankless water heaters are electrical devices that connect to your shower system, either directly in your bathroom or in your house’s mechanical room. They are not tanks that store hot water but machines that instantly release the desired temperature at a turn of the knob. This feature has also given them the moniker on-demand water systems.

While they sound like a novel idea in the US, this technology has been available in Europe, Central, and South America, where large water tanks are not a common household appliance. Due to their compact nature, they last longer than conventional tank water heaters: around 20 years or more!

Why They Should Be on Your Wishlist

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, there are other positives to using tankless water heaters in your home:

  • Operating costs are lower: Regular water tanks use electricity and gasoline for power. The gas is for heating the water, while the electricity is for sending the heated water to the faucets and showers that need it. That’s an additional cost for gas and electricity.

On the other hand, tankless water heaters connect directly to your electrical systems and are billed simultaneously with your monthly electric bill.

  • They’re easier to use: Regular tank water heaters require users to gather enough water first, then heat it before use. The entire process could take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much is needed.

On-demand systems are just plug-and-play! Simply connect them to your electrical socket, turn it on, and hot water immediately comes rushing out!

  • No flooding: Tanks run the risk of flooding whenever the metal breaks down or a malfunction occurs in its components. These result in a flooded basement and no hot water for everyone until repairs are made. 

Tankless water heaters are safe from such a problem since they’re an electrical appliance the size of a briefcase and don’t store water. If ever flooding happens, you can be sure it’s a plumbing problem rather than an electrical one.

  • Space-saving feature: Regular water heaters take up a lot of space in your home. Imagine a 40- to 60-gallon metal container in your basement right next to the laundry machines. That could’ve been a spare area for a work desk! 

Since on-demand systems are as small as a briefcase or folder, they don’t take much real estate in your home. They can be hung on a wall within reach of an electrical outlet, and you’d still have enough space for that work table in the basement!

  • Lower maintenance costs: When a regular water heater breaks down, you need an expert to examine all the components to diagnose the problem correctly. If they can’t go to you, you need to ship out a 40- to 60-gallon tank and pay for shipping on top of the repairs needed! 

Conversely, the portable size of an on-demand system allows you to bring it in for repairs to the manufacturer yourself. If it’s still under warranty, you can be sure the repair is free, or they’ll give you a replacement unit free of charge!

In Summary

There’s no denying the potential of waterless tank heaters in homes across the US. They’re already making a good impression with their reduced costs, maintenance requirements, and on-demand feature of giving hot water by simply turning it on and placing the temperature in the right setting. If you’re in the market for an effective, efficient plumbing solution, then on-demand water systems are the way you should go.

For tankless water heaters in Houston, TX, contact Houston Water Heaters now! We install on-demand water systems in the metro with the lowest prices you’ll find in the market. Call now and get a quote from us this instant!

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