On Demand Tankless Hot Water Heater installation

Navien Tanless water heater photo of installation

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Our on demand Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater Installation Experts can now offer you Unlimited Hot Water at affordable pricing. You will love this Marvel!

Call and talk to Steve about a Tankless Water Heater. Tankless Water heaters are relatively new to the United States, and we know you have questions. Houston Water Heaters started installing Tankless Water Heaters in 2008. Houston Water Heaters became Navien dealers and have installed many hundreds of these incredible machines all over the Houston area. Everywhere we have installed them people love them. We do a very professional installation and we stand behind the product with factory trained service technicians. Dare to try something new, we know you will love your new Tankless Water Heater. Call us, and get the white glove treatment at no extra cost.


Energy Costs

Energy efficient tankless water heaters allow for an endless supply of hot water enabling you to take a shower, wash dishes and do laundry all at the same time! Houston Water Heaters is a factory recommended installer for KD Navien®.  Tankless water heaters are the wave of the future – call Houston Water Heater today for an immediate quote on your tankless water heater installation as well as other plumbing services. Enjoy an up to 40% energy savings with KD Navien® tankless hot water heaters. They are designed to be highly efficient, and only heat water when it is needed. When the demand for water ceases, these units shut down and use no energy, a revolutionary advantage over inefficient tank-style heaters.

Photo of the Navien 240-A Tankless Water Heater enumerating benefits.

There is nothing on the market that compares to this Tankless Water Heater.


Navien Tankless Water Heater all Stainless Steel.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters guarantee hot water on demand, so you never have to take another cold shower again! Tankless water heaters are never limited to a fixed supply of hot water as with conventional water heaters. You will enjoy hot water when you want it, for as long as you need it.

Photo of a Navien Tankless Water Heater showing all Stainless Steel inner components.

Indestructible Stainless Steele components


All we do is Water Heaters.

Plumbing companies install Water Heaters now and then, we do it every day. A tankless Water Heater is an investment in your home, make sure you are having qualified and experienced people do your Tankless Water Heater Installation. It really does make a difference.

Tankless Water Heaters

Technical Support when you need it.


image of technician testing a Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater

Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater service for on-demand Tankless Hot Water heaters




Performance and Longevity

We only carry the highest quality Tankless water heater brands to ensure that you will have a unit that you can enjoy for years to come. You get the durability and reliability of a commercial-grade water heater right in your home. All of our tankless water heaters have a typical life span of 20 years or more when installed in residential applications, which is up to twice as long as a tank-style heater.

Space Savings and Flexible Installation Options

Make better use of your space. Traditional tank-style water heaters can take up to 16 square feet of valuable floor space. However, our tankless hot water heater  units, which are about the same size as a carry-on suitcase, can be installed on virtually any wall inside or outside of your home.

Endless Hot Water

Never again take another cold shower! Tankless hot water heaters heat water on demand so you are never limited to a fixed, pre-heated supply as with a tank. You will enjoy hot water when you want it, for as long as you need it. Take a shower, wash dishes and do laundry all at the same time!

Link to federal tax credit information on Tankless Hot Water Heaters.

Link to federal tax credit information

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