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WATER HEATER Replacement:

We pride ourselves on first class Water heater installation and replacement in Sugar Land. The Techs are uniformed fully licenced Plumbers. Because we only do Water Heaters you can count on expert advice from your first call into our office. Because Our Techs take special care of your home when installing your new water heater, your floors are covered from door to door. Your old Water Heater out in a water proof bag. Take a minute to read some of our reviews. We work hard to make the installation of your new Water Heater a smooth experience. Houston Water Heaters are rated A+ with the BBB. We are also members of Angies List, NextDoor, and Yelp. You will find thousands of photos of our water heater installations by clicking the link on the menu bar or here (Photos). Sugar Land Water Heaters must meet Sugar Land code. Tankless water heaters in Sugar Land are very popular.

We do Hot Water Heater Installation and replacement In the beautiful city of Sugar Land Tx.


Just type in”Water Heater installation near me” to find us on the Web. We have an office in Sugar Land. If your Water Heater is older than eight to ten years you may want to preemptively replace it. Almost every month we see Damage caused by leaking water heaters. Houston Water Heaters is THE source for water heating solutions. Our Plumbers are actual employees of ours and not subcontractors. We do  same day water heater installation service and and offer a variety of discounts. We are  A+ with the BBB.  We have thousands of photo’s on our website of beautiful Water Heater Installations we have made across Houston. Click the (Photo’s link at the top of this page to be taken to the pics. Read our glowing reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on Angie’s List, FacebookGoogleNextdoor, and Yelp.



your Water Heater Rumbles, the hot water smells like rotten eggs, or if it just doesn’t produce enough hot water? We see these problems ever day and we can advise you in the least expensive correction. Remember we are Plumbers but we only do New Hot Water Heaters. We can tell you if a New Tankless Water Heater is right for your home. Tankless is becoming very popular in Sugar Land.

Water Heater Installation and replacement is all we do, and we are very good at it. Because we are good at it we are able to adjust our prices accordingly. Our men are factory trained experts in water heater installation and replacement. Call and ask Steve about cost, he is our Master Plumber and he loves to talk about Water Heaters.  We are proud of our reputation for professionalism and we strive to maintain the highest standards. If your water heater fails, contact us, We make it so easy.


When selecting a water heater for your home, choosing a 40 gallon hot water heater system that not only provides an ample amount of hot water for your home or business but one that also efficiently heats the water is of primary importance. The water heaters that we carry are the most energy efficient and reliable on the market. We offer conventional 50 gallon hot water heaters (storage tank).  We also carry on-demand or tankless (instantaneous) water heaters.

Houston Water Heaters is a factory-recommended installer of   Rheem, State, and A.O. Smith conventional hot water heaters. Call today for an accurate telephone quote on water heater installation for your home or business. Read about attic temperatures effect on pilots.


We offer a wide range of Electric, Liquid Propane (LP), and Natural Gas powered traditional Tank and state of the art Tankless Water Heaters. We stock Hybrid Heat models and the Lifetime Warranty Rheem Marathon model that was designed with a plastic tank and titanium elements to last years longer than the average lifespan of a regular metal water heater. We sell Electric and Natural Gas Heaters that meet all manner of Kilowatt and BTU specifications. Accessories we offer include Isolation or Service Valve Kits for Tankless Water Heaters, Water Alarms that will alert you to a leaking water heater, and circulation pumps (sold only with installation) that will deliver hot water to your fixtures faster, eliminating wait time for hot water and reducing water waste. We aquire City of Sugar Land tx. permits for all of Our installations.

The brands we install are Rheem tank style water heaters and Navien Tankless Water Heaters. We only repair water heaters we have installed. Businesses and consumers trust the quality products offered by Rheem and Navien for their water heating needs.

When shopping for a new water heater, due diligence is paramount. This typically depends on your current water heater being Natural Gas, Electric, Hybrid, or Propane (LP).

Electric Water Heaters have one or two replaceable heating elements, and there are a variety of high-efficiency options available. Sizes on Electric Tank Style Water Heaters can range anywhere from small Point of Use 6 Gallon Residential Tanks all the way up to 100+ Gallon Water Heaters.


Natural Gas or Propane (LP) Water Heaters utilize a burner assembly to heat water. Burner assemblies require fresh air circulating within the firebox and in the attic for combustion which heats the water. Natural Gas water heaters and Propane (LP) water heaters are more energy efficient than electric water heaters. Residential models of Gas and Propane water heaters range from 30 Gallons to 75 Gallons. There are 100 Gallon Natural Gas and Propane Water Heaters available. You will find all sorts of Water Heater styles In Sugar Land.

Heat Pump Water Heaters or Hybrid Water Heaters convert energy from the air to heat water. While Heat Pump and Hybrid Water Heaters are more expensive up front, they pay for themselves over time.


Lowboy or short water heaters are a more rare type of storage tank water heater typically shorter in height and larger in diameter which allow them to hold nearly the same amount of hot water as larger counterparts. Replacement or Installation of short and lowboy model water heaters is easier in limited headroom areas such as cabinets and crawl spaces.

Tall Water Heaters are the most common type of hot water heater installed. They are typically around five feet in height and are easier to maneuver in areas where a larger diameter water heater will not fit.


The second factor is to decide whether you would like to go with a tank style or tankless water heater.   Tankless do not store hot water, they quickly heat water as it passes through a heat exchanger. Tankless water heaters are also available in Electric, Natural Gas, or Propane (LP) just like storage tank water heaters are. These heaters are rated by Gallons Per Minute which is the flow rate at which they can supply hot water to a fixture. They are typically more expensive than a conventional tank type water heater however with proper maintenance they will last two to three times longer.

Point of Use water heaters are small storage tank type electric water heaters designed to fit in small spaces and supply a limited amount of water to a single fixture that is not a shower such as a hand sink in a garage or shop.

We carry propane gas hot water heaters in both 40 gallon and 50 gallon sizes.


The third factor is calculating capacity requirements necessary for minimum flow rate. With a tankless or the size of a standard tank needed to supply enough hot water for your family’s needs. Capacity depends on  demand placed on the hot water heating system during peak times. Larger households require larger tank style hot water heaters. You may also use a tankless hot water heater with a higher gallon per minute flow rate. Sizing capacity properly is based on the average volume of hot water your home could . This is important to ensure heated water being supplied to the hot water fixtures in your home does not decrease when there is a greater demand placed on it.

The last factor to account for is available space. In 2015 NAECA Energy Factor criteria was adjusted and in response water heater manufacturers made changes to water heaters where they are now larger in diameter and sometimes taller than water heaters manufactured prior to 2015. These changes can affect replacement of your hot water heater and in certain cases the only option is to go tankless or conversion to a different fuel source. Due to these changes if a newer model water heater cannot fit then replacement alternatives have to be considered that will provide the same or higher level of water heating performance.



Excellent authority on water heaters, they know tank style and tankless and will provide a free consultation with quote over the phone. Read their amazing reviews, look at all the pictures, and once you call you’ll see why this is the place to replace your water heater in Houston!

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Michelle M.

After dealing with too many contractors to count during a 3 year renovation project, I can honestly say that Houston Water Heaters is the best by far!  When I called about installing an 85 gallon Marathon water heater, they were able to give me a competitive turnkey price over the phone and then quickly come out to install w/o tacking on a bunch of "hidden" charges.   Moreover, when they arrived, the installers unrolled mats to cover all of our hardwood floors and actually went above and beyond by replacing additional parts they observed leaking.  Only complaint is that they don't work on more than water heaters :) Unbelievable TOP NOTCH service from start to finish!

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