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Commercial Water Heaters

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We have been selling and installing Commercial Water heaters for 38 Years.

Commercial Water Heaters typically apply to the following.

  • Restaurants
  • Laundry’s
  • Apartment buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial hot water Solutions

Water heaters


Most small Commercial Water Heater applications are using the Rheem-Ruud GN100-200 LONX 100G 199BTU 194GPH Natural Gas, This heater offers dependability and long life. It is the most common Gas
Commercial Hot Water heater used in the Houston area. This heater is designed to comply with the 199,000 BTU limit. Anything above that limit is considered a Commercial Boiler by code enforcement and requires a special permit among other restrictions. If you need more muscle in your  Commercial Gas Water heater we offer various solutions up to products that produce 1 million BTU’s. Commercial Water Heaters are another one of our specialties. If you have an Electric Commercial Water Heater we can build it to your specifications. Please email us the Gallons, Voltage, Kilowatts, and Phase. We can have your heater to you no later than the next day as a rule. In some cases Tankless Water Heaters are preferable to conventional. They are reliable and can be cascaded in a series providing tremendous output at a very reduce fuel consumption. Tankless Commercial Water Heater are quickly becoming the choice for commercial applications. 

Call and talk to Steve about commercial Water Heaters. He had over 40 Years experience in the Houston Plumbing business. Some applications that require a million or more BTU’s may be satisfied by the use of Tube and rack boilers. Theses powerfull heaters are commonly found in Apartment complexes and High-rise environments.  Brands Like RayPak and Teledyne Larrs are the two most commonly found in Houston and we are able to aquire and install these heaters.



Excellent authority on water heaters, they know tank style and tankless and will provide a free consultation with quote over the phone. Read their amazing reviews, look at all the pictures, and once you call you’ll see why this is the place to replace your water heater in Houston!

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Michelle M.

After dealing with too many contractors to count during a 3 year renovation project, I can honestly say that Houston Water Heaters is the best by far!  When I called about installing an 85 gallon Marathon water heater, they were able to give me a competitive turnkey price over the phone and then quickly come out to install w/o tacking on a bunch of "hidden" charges.   Moreover, when they arrived, the installers unrolled mats to cover all of our hardwood floors and actually went above and beyond by replacing additional parts they observed leaking.  Only complaint is that they don't work on more than water heaters :) Unbelievable TOP NOTCH service from start to finish!

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